Meet the People Behind BitSwap

BitSwap was founded by Sigil Wen and Aryan Misra in the beginning of April 2021. We launched the first BitSwap Beta after a week of non-stop work and late nights up, revolutionizing the way users buy and sell BitClout.


Sigil Wen, Co-Founder

Sigil (17) co-founded with Aryan to provide a more streamlined experience for people looking to buy and sell BitClout. Sigil oversees and leads the BitSwap team.

  • BitClout @sigil | (portfolio) |

  • M&T 25 @ UPenn (Wharton X Engineering DD)

  • Growth @ the quest with Justin Kan

  • Growth @ Rosebud AI (YC 19)

  • Associate @ Blockchain Founders Fund

  • Growth hacked $50k in a week from $130 on BitClout

  • Aryan Misra, Co-Founder

    Aryan (17) co-founded with Sigil to provide a more streamlined experience for people looking to buy and sell BitClout. Aryan is the lead developer at BitSwap.

  • BitClout @aryanm |

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup Finalist (Synbiolic AI)

  • Machine Learning Developer @ Holy Grail AI (YC 19)

  • TensorFlow2 Devpost winner

  • Lead developer @ (NEXT 36)

  • Alex Yu, Co-Founder

    Alex manages operations at BitSwap.

    BitClout @uyxela |

  • DocuSign and FSC - won $16000 for building a web app to allow for remote auditing and certification of companies based on geospatial data for FSC international operations

  • Hack MIT-IBM green compute challenge winner - visualizing carbon impact of high-performance computing and running machine learning models in the cloud

  • - mobile engineer for fintech improving student outcomes through sustainable financing

  • Xiangan He

    Xiangan (17) is a Web3 Engineer for BitSwap. 

  • Solidity Mentor @

  • Award Winner @ MarketMake Hackathon @

  • Dev @ ETHSpring

  • Hugh Jiang

    Hugh leads the online marketing and blog at BitSwap. He specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

    • BitClout @HughJiang | Linkedin

    • Founder of Get Green Now, a sustainability education and environmental advocacy website.

      • 40k+ pageviews a month

      • Cited in The New York Times, Huffington Post, etc.

    Venkat Muthaly

    Venkat Runs OTC BitClout transactions & community @ BitSwap Discord (~1000 members.

  • BitClout @venkat |

  • Co-Created NFTs w/ Sigil

  • Built RC model planes from scratch

  • Eshwara Chock

    Eshwara is a frontend engineer for BitSwap.

    BitClout @Eshwara | Linkedin |

    Jalena Lee

    Jalena is a UI/UX designer for BitSwap.


    • Software Developer Intern @ Shopify 

    Leon Zeng

    Leon is a UI/UX designer for BitSwap.

    BitClout @shef

  • Music Producer on Spotify and Apple Music

  • Creating Lo-fi NFT's with Alex

  • Personal chef for the team

  • Aryan B

    Marketer at Bitswap - blog and social media lead. Specializes in market research and content marketing.

  • BitClout @theImfamousA | Linkedin

  • Founder of Forteledi Biotechnologies

  • Investment Research Analyst at

  • Student Researcher at the University of Toronto