How to get Free BitClout (5 Legit Methods)

By @theImfamousA • Published May 21, 2021

In this post, I'll show you 5 ways to get free BitClout. 

No surveys, no sketchy signups, no need to share any sensitive information or private keys. 

You won’t get rich, but with a little bit of time and effort you can get anywhere from $0.40 worth of BitClout, to potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of BitClout if you implement these methods effectively.

Let’s get started!

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What is BitClout?

BitClout is a new type of social media run on a blockchain, similar to the one used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

BitClout allows you to make posts and invest your own money in profiles and people who interest you. Think of it as Twitter, except with the added ability to invest in people’s profiles.  

Be sure first to check out our Beginner's Guide to Bitclout because once you are more familiar with the platform, it will be easier to follow along in this post.

5 Ways to Get Free BitClout

1) Verify Your Phone Number to get Starter BitClout

When you first signed up for BitClout it prompted you to verify your phone number or send funds into your account. 

Most likely, you may have chosen to verify your phone number to start. Currently, when you verify your profile, an account called @merlin sends you $0.41

Even though it may seem like a minimal amount, it is enough to work with the essential functions on the platform. With the $0.41, you can invest in others, follow them and like their posts. You can also like, comment and reclout posts with the $0.41. 

To sign up for BitClout follow the steps below:

  1. First, open up 

  2. Click Sign Up! Here you will get your seed phrase which is like your login password. Never share this with anyone and NEVER lose this phrase. 

  3. Once you log in, click update profile. Then, you need to verify your phone number to get your free starter BitClout. 

  4. A profile by the name of @merlin will send you the funds (~$0.41). 

  5. Update your profile and get started!

Why do I need money to complete the basic functions on BitClout?

You need a minimal amount of money to complete the basic functions on BitClout because it is all on the BlockChain. Therefore, all data is recorded on the blockchain.

The fee is for recording the data on the blockchain, and it is necessary to help your BitClout profile grow. To learn more about the blockchain, feel free to check out our beginner’s guide.

Note: You cannot set up a profile with $0.41 and therefore it can only be used for investing at first. 

When you invest in a creator the maximum you will be able to invest is $0.39 because the remaining $0.02 will be used to cover the costs to like posts. 

Currently, the fee to start a profile is 0.01 of a BitClout coin. For example, if one BitClout coin costs $161.00 USD then the price would be $1.61 to establish your profile. 

2) GiftClout 

@GiftClout is an account started by @RajLahoti, which essentially sends creators free BitClout. This can help creators get started on the platform. 

In addition, if your profile shows legitimacy, @GiftClout will invest in your coin. They have helped many creators onboard onto this platform. When I was beginning, I used GiftClout to get some free capital to invest in my coin. 

You can visit to find the exact instructions for getting free BCLT from them. I’ve also outlined the basic steps below for your reference, but GiftClout updates these steps regularly so you’ll want to check their website for updated info.

Here are the steps to apply for GiftClout:

  1. Follow @GiftClout on BitClout

  2. Pitch yourself to the community by making an introduction post clearly stating who you are and why the GiftClout community should support you. 

  3. Place your social media profile on your BitClout bio by editing it in the update profile section. 

  4. Place your BitClout handle on your social media profile. 


You can learn more about GiftClout on their BitClout profile or on their website  

3) Giveaways

Giveaways have been gaining traction on BitClout because of their benefits for both the creator and the winner. 

There are many types of giveaways on BitClout like direct BitClout giveaways, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) giveaways and creator coin giveaways. 

A BitClout giveaway is when the winner receives a certain amount of BitClout in their wallet. An NFT giveaway is when the winner gets a rare NFT as their prize.  Lastly, a creator coin giveaway is when the winner will receive a certain amount of creator coins as a prize. 

A creator will usually request you to like, reclout and comment to enter a giveaway. This helps the creator gain traction but also gives you the chance to win an intriguing prize.  

Here's an example of a giveaway I recently did on my profile, which was for an OG BitClout NFT.

Prominent Accounts which have Giveaways often:

Even though giveaways are purely based upon luck, it is a good idea to enter (especially as a beginner) because you might win extra capital to start growing on the platform. 

4) Receiving Diamonds by other Creators

BitClout recently introduced a new feature called diamonds which allows you to interact with other creators in a unique way

Giving someone a diamond essentially means giving a portion of your coin to another creator. This can range from $0.01 to $800+ worth of your own coin. 

Remember: To give diamonds you must own some of your own creator coin, but to receive diamonds you don’t have to own any coin. 

Diamonds are a form of appreciation for a creator and their respective post. In essence, it is a tip for creators paid in their own creator coin

This is another way to get free BitClout coins; however, this relies on the quality of your content and the base of followers you have on your profile. 

So how can I get diamonds? 

To get diamonds you have to impress the community by posting valuable content. You should be able to intrigue your investors by giving unique content to the community. 

As an established creator, I personally look at how legitimate an individual’s content is. I look at if the person has something to offer which separates them from the rest. This can be something like a product they are building all the way to the posts they are making. 

5) Founder Rewards 

Founder rewards are another way to get free BitClout.

When someone buys your creator coin, a percentage of the purchase is sent to your wallet in BCLT, as a reward for being the founder. 

This is technically a way to get free BitClout, although you’ll need to spend time providing value to the BitClout community if you want people to invest in you.

You can set your creator coin founder’s reward in your profile settings. Normally, most people set their founder reward percentage anywhere from 0% to 15%.

For example, the @theImfamousA coin has a 9% founder’s reward. So if I were to invest $1000 into the @theImfamousA coin, I would receive $900 worth of the creator coin, with the remaining 10%, or $100 being sent to @theImfamousA’s BitClout wallet. 


Hopefully, this post has helped you better understand how you can get some free BitClout to start your journey as a creator. 

The easiest way is to verify your number and use GiftClout, and the most challenging form is to win giveaways (entirely based on your luck). 

If you have any questions, please find me in the BitSwap Discord group or message me on BitClout @theImfamousA. I’d be happy to help you out!