How to Track Historical Creator Coin Prices on BitClout (Free Tools)

By @HughJiang • Published May 11, 2021

What's the secret to successfully investing on BitClout?

That's not an easy question to answer.

However, one useful strategy you must know is how to track and analyze historical prices of different Creator Coins on BitClout.

Right now, there's no easy way to see previous prices directly on You could analyze individual transactions on the blockchain to piece together past prices, but that's time-consuming and difficult (if not impossible).

Luckily, there are already existing free tools available, which provide records of previous coin prices on BitClout.

Today, I'm going to be sharing a list of these tools and how you can use them to better inform your BitClout investment decisions.

Let's get started!

Disclaimer: This is not investment or financial advice, and I am not a licensed investment advisor. This article is simply to provide you with helpful tools and tips I have personally learned while using BitClout. Use at your own discretion.

Video Summary

If you don't like reading text, I put together a YouTube video that summarizes everything in this article.

You can also just skip the video and read the article below (I talk about the same things in both).

1. BitClout Signal (Free)

BitClout Signal is my favorite tool for checking past creator coin prices and statistics.


Out of every free tool I've tried, BitClout Signal has the longest price history records and the most detailed price charts.

While other tools only have data going back one or two weeks, BitClout Signal price charts go back at least 2 months, and possibly even more (I’m not sure yet because even the earliest creator coins have only existed for around 2 months).

@elonmusk coin price chart on BitClout Signal

They also come with plenty of other useful (and free) features for BitClout analysis. 

And you don’t even need to register for an account!

Note: BitClout Signal also has more premium features if you register an account or buy their coin, but I won't be doing any of that today. Everything I mention here will be using the free version. 

Features Summary

In the free version of BitClout Signal, you get a lot of useful features for BitClout creator coin analysis:

The free version also has other features such as a list of top recent transactions, BitClout and Diamond transfers, general BitClout statistics, and data about "rug pulls" (similar to a pump and dump).

Here's an image of all their current free tools, which you can see yourself by visiting

In this post, I will mainly focus on the price history and statistics tools, but you're free to check out the other ones yourself as you play with BitClout Signal.

How to Get Started

Method 1: 

1) Visit

2) At the top right corner of the page, enter the username of a creator coin searching in the search bar. Then, click the enter key on your keyboard to search.

For example, if I want to check the price of the @bitswap coin, I would type “bitswap” into the search bar.

3) Wait for the data to load (I find it can take up to 30 seconds depending on your connection speed)

After BitClout Signal finishes loading, you should see something like this:

In this price chart, the blue line represents the price of the creator coin in US Dollars.

The green bars represent the volume of the creator coin bought on any given day, and the red bars represent the volume sold (both measured in $BCLT).

To get more information about each day's price and volume data, you can hover over the dot on the blue line and a tooltip popup will display the exact price and volume on that given day.

If you aren’t able to load the data, try refreshing the page, or try the method that I outline below:

Method 2:

Copy into your browser address bar.

Then, replace USERNAME with the BitClout handle/username of the coin you want to check.

For example, if I want to check the price of the @bitswap coin, I would type (without the @ symbol).

Keep in mind that it can take some time for the data to load. If it isn't loading after 15-30 seconds, try reloading the page and see if that fixes it.

2. CloutGate (Free)

CloutGate is another tool that provides past creator coin price charts, but their data only goes back to a maximum of one week

Nevertheless, one thing I really like about CloutGate is that they capture pricing data in hourly intervals

So you can see hourly pricing data when you hover your mouse over CloutGate price charts. 

Here's a video where I demonstrate CloutGate:

Hourly data can provide better insight into the price fluctuations of a coin during short time periods of high volatility, which may not be reflected in price data that is measured daily. 

For example, if the price of a coin increased from $100 to $150 in two hours, and went back down to $100 in another two hours, then hourly data would definitely show this change in price. 

However, this price fluctuation would be lost if you view data captured on a 24 hour interval (like on BitClout Signal).

CloutGate also has a much better profile searching feature than BitClout Signal, where you can find profiles related to your search (instead of just exact matches).

Feature Summary

As I already mentioned, the main advantage to CloutGate is its hourly data, which can provide more accurate price records for coins with high volatility.

CloutGate also has a better searching feature (that shows related profiles) which is nice for researching more about the people behind different projects or just learning more about related profiles.

How to Get Started

1) Visit

2) Use the search bar to search for a creator coin

3) Click on the creator coin link to see price charts and statistics

And that’s it!

Note: You can hover over the blue line on the price chart to see exact pricing data in hourly intervals.

Understanding Factors that Affect Creator Coin Prices

When you create a BitClout profile, your first creator coin will cost about 0.003 BitClout (which is around $0.50 US Dollars right now). 

As people buy more of your creator coin, prices increase exponentially (faster and faster). But if people start selling your coin, then prices decrease exponentially.

Essentially, approximately every time the supply of a creator coin doubles, the price will quadruple. 

But why do people buy and sell a creator coin?

Well, a creator coin is supposed to represent the real-life value of the person behind the BitClout account. 

However, this doesn’t always translate to real creator coin prices. 

I find that coin prices often correlate more to how active the person is on BitClout, and how much value they provide to the BitClout community

And you can use this observation in conjunction with the two tools above to better inform your investment decisions.

How to Use Price History to Inform BitClout Creator Coin Purchase Decisions

There are many ways to interpret price charts for creator coins.

For example, if you see that a coin price recently decreased, you might think that now the coin is selling at a discount, and so it's a good time to buy. On the other hand, the price decrease may also signal the start of a downtrend and price crash.

So by themselves, price charts are not always useful for making investment decisions. However, you can pair the knowledge you gain from price charts with other qualitative observations to make a purchasing decision.

Disclaimer: This isn’t personal investment advice, and shouldn’t be taken as such. I am not an investment advisor :)

Example 1

Here’s one example: let’s say you know that a creator coin has good long-term potential, and you want to be invested in it long-term. 

If you look at a recent price chart from BitClout Signal or CloutGate and see that the price recently decreased without any change in the fundamental creator behind the creator coin, then you might want to buy some more of their coin while it’s at a discount. 

Example 2

Here’s another example: let’s say you see a creator coin on BitClout that you’re thinking of buying as a long-term investment. 

You’d want to check recent transaction history and price charts on BitClout Signal to make sure that the coin isn’t being subject to a pump and dump, with anonymous (or relatively unknown) investors buying large amounts of the coin in short periods of time.

Keep in mind that just because large unknown investors bought a coin doesn’t mean it’s being pumped and dumped. But if you see the price has increased substantially recently over a short period of time, without many reputable investors in the coin, then be careful of artificially inflated prices. 

Buying and Selling BitClout

If you want to invest in BitClout creator coins you'll need a way to buy BitClout, and also to withdraw BitClout from the platform. 

I don’t recommend buying $BCLT directly from 


Oftentimes, you can find BitClout at much cheaper prices in secondary exchange markets, where you buy and sell BitClout from other people rather than directly from

Normally, secondary exchange markets have BitClout selling for around a 40% discount to the official prices listed on 

For example, right now BitClout’s official price is about $170 USD. On exchange markets, it’s trading around $105 USD.

To view the current (live) secondary market price of BitClout, you can sign up for a free BitSwap account.

BitSwap is a BitClout exchange platform that allows you to trade BitClout and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. We’re the first exchange that has automatic buy and sell order matching, which means you can instantly buy and sell BitClout with a simple click of a button. 

We also provide you with real-time market data about prices, and price charts for historical BitClout market prices.

Please note that BitSwap charges a 2% transaction fee if you use our platform to trade BitClout. However, our live pricing and market data is completely free

Keep in mind that I work for BitSwap so I’m obviously going to recommend that you use BitSwap over other exchanges. But try out our platform - I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

I hope this article helps you analyze historical creator coin prices and better inform your decisions on BitClout. If you have any questions, you're free to reach out to me in the BitSwap Discord Server or on BitClout.