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BitSwap is the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell BitClout. Built by Sigil Wen & Aryan Misra :) It's been an epic ride :D

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The 1st Full-Featured BitClout Exchange

Fund your BitSwap Wallet

Connect your BitClout account and Ethereum wallet to fund your trading account.

No need to wait for manual verification or slow bank deposits. It's all automatic and instant.

Create a Buy or Sell Order

Create an order to buy or sell BitClout.

Set market orders to execute trades instantly at market prices. Or set limit orders that execute only when BitClout hits a certain price.

Withdraw Your Funds!

We'll send you a notification when your order fills. Then, check your BitSwap Wallet to withdraw your funds!

Depending on the price you set, we automatically match your order with other BitSwap orders, so trades are faster and hassle-free.

Get Started in Minutes

With instant BitClout integration and support for multiple cryptocurrencies, anyone can get started on BitSwap within seconds.

Link a BitClout Account

Deposit Crypto

Start Buying & Selling

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Trading BitClout has Never been Easier

Some of the features that make BitSwap so great

Transparent Pricing

Everyone gets full access to real-time pricing data and market history, including our order book and transaction records.

Speedy Swaps

High liquidity and automated order matching mean your trades execute faster than ever.


With partial order filling, we automatically group smaller orders together to quickly complete large-volume transactions.

No Hidden Fees

BitSwap charges a 2% fee after each successful trade. For deposits and withdrawals from your balance, you're responsible for covering your own Ethereum or BitClout gas fees.

Currency Support

Pick your own currency! We support Ethereum and BitClout, but will soon also ERC20 tokens like USDT and USDC.

Instant Transfers

All withdrawals and deposits are conducted automatically, so you never have to wait to transfer your BitSwap funds.

Join 5000+ BitSwappers

The fastest way to buy, sell, and withdraw BitClout

Frequently Asked Questions

What prices can I expect when I buy/sell?

Prices on the BitSwap platform will be lower than the listed price on Bitclout. In order to provide an incentive for people to buy, sellers must provide a lower price to buyers (otherwise, they would buy from the official Bitclout website).

Ultimately, however, prices are set by the free market (in other words, BitSwap does NOT fix or set prices).

If buyers are willing to buy at higher prices and there aren't enough sellers, then the BitClout price on BitSwap will increase.

Likewise, if sellers become more willing to sell at lower prices and there aren't enough buyers, then the price will decrease.

What are the fees?

BitSwap charges a 0.5-1% transaction fee after each successful trade, depending on the type of trade and the volume.

You're also responsible for paying your own network/gas fees whenever you deposit or withdraw from your BitSwap Wallet.

Ethereum gas fees currently average around $5 (USD) per transaction, whereas BitClout gas fees are negligible (only a couple cents).

Who are the people behind BitSwap?

BitSwap was founded by @sigil and @aryanm on April 4th, but we're now a team of 8+ members and constantly growing. You can learn more about us on our Team page.

Contact Us

To contact us, please join our Discord channel where we answer questions and provide product support. You may also email us at [email protected] or use the contact form below.